EViO Warranty Exchange, Replacement and Refund Policy

EViO offers a limited 10 months original manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.

Note: Certain Products may have different warranty period other than the stated 10 months and will be honor according to documentation record. There are no extensions to the specified limited warranty.

The warranty is only valid upon presentation of the proof of purchase consisting of original invoice

Warranty Coverage:

EViO original manufacturer warranty covers all product(s) from malfunctions due to failure of parts or workmanship that is sold by EViO and its authorized resellers.
Note: Some resellers will have their own warranty coverage and will need to be contacted first prior to claiming original manufacturer warranty with EViO

Warranty Void:

Warranty of item will be voided if:

  • Product(s) in any way is tampered with which includes: disassembly, modification, etc…
  • Product(s) is accidentally damaged which includes water damage, dropping of the product, incorrect use of product, lack of maintenance, etc…
  • Product(s) fails outside of the warranty period.
  • Defects resulting from usage of the product in conjunction with accessories that are not approved by EViO for use with its products.
  • Failure of the product arising from incorrect installation or use not consistent with the instructions and technical or safety standards prescribed in the product user manual.
  • Accidents, lightning, water, fire, public disturbances, improper ventilation, voltage fluctuations, heat or any cause beyond the control of EViO
  • Damage of the battery caused by overcharging or failure to use in accordance with the specific instruction of core outlined in the product user manual.
  • The batteries are charged by chargers other than those approved by EViO.
  • Any part of the seal on the battery enclosure or cells is broken or shows evidence of tampering.

Warranty will be void if repair has been attempted by an unauthorized service center. EViO is not liable for reimbursements, claims and damages that may result from the unauthorized repair of the product.

Repair or replacement under the terms of the warranty does not provide right to the extension or renewal of the warranty period.

This warranty is not transferable. The warranty will be the purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy and EViO shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential breach of any express or implied warranty of this product

Warranty Exclusion:

EViO original manufacturer warranty does not cover product(s) that are not sold by EViO and its authorized resellers.


To ship your return item(s) to EViO HQ, you must first contact EViO Support by telephone or email. EViO Support staff will help you diagnose the issue (if any) and provide an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization Code) and mailing information after you verify your return details. Affix the address label to the outside of your return box. If you have multiple items to return, you may pack them in a single box with the packing slip. We recommend using the original packaging. Once we receive the item(s), we will initiate the warranty procedure


To help ensure warranty claims are for genuine EViO products, our technical support department would require a receipt to complete your claim.

Return – Replacements (same model)

This option is limited to 10 months from date of purchase EViO will replace any product(s) that malfunctioned due to failure of parts or workmanship.*


Product(s) returned will be tested to determine issue and defect, if:

  • Item is NOT found defective and passes the stress test it will be returned accordingly.
  • Item is defective and failed test it will be replaced accordingly.

Should the “cause” of the return be due to defective accessory/accessories the particular defective accessory/ accessories will be replaced and returned with product(s)

*Note: Buyer will be responsible for return shipping fees; we will only cover the replacement shipping fees (India Only).

Unauthorized Returns:

Please do NOT ship any item back to us without contacting our Customer Support Team and receiving a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number or your return item will not be processed.

  • Items returned in this manner will be returned accordingly to return address.
  • If return address is not provided, it will be held until claimed. If not claimed within 1 month, we will assume you have involuntarily given up the ownership of the item(s) and/or relinquish the right to EViO for proper item disposal.

To avoid missing package or having your return unit deposed please contact Customer Support Team and obtain an authorization BEFORE returning any item(s).

We are not liable for any items returned and disposed due to any reason in failing to contact us after the first: initial, second : follow-up and third : final emails & calls sent during the 1 month hold time warning of the unauthorized return and request for your return shipping.

Discontinued Item Warranty:

Product(s) that have failed while under the warranty coverage, but not carried or replaceable will be exchanged for a similarly priced model. A partial refund can also be offer under special conditions*.

Note*: EViO reserves all rights to determine what option is available and the eligible item to replace the discontinued model.


Replacement/exchange: upon receiving the returned item it may take up to 14 business days to process (testing), and a replacement be shipped. Total turnaround time is dependent on shipping carrier (BlueDart service).

Exception may occur which could extend the quoted estimated time frame. It is suggested to keep in contact with us, and promptly respond back to us should an issue arise during processing so your case can be resolved accordingly with minimal delays.

The warranty is limited and it is your responsibility to contact our support team during the allotted time or immediately once the item malfunctions. Contacting us after the warranty had expired for a product that malfunction or broke within the first few months of purchase is not a valid reason to claim coverage.

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